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Welcome to the home of the Neese and Knowles Racing Team
Top Fuel Funny Car and AA/FA

This just in:
The Neese-N-Knowles team score big in Tucson at the AA/FA Nationals.
Winning the event and setting low ET and top speed of the meet. would like to introduce you to the band "Speed 63"

Click on the icon and check out their website today!

Yes, you viewed it here first.
Neese And Knowles Racing is moving it's headquarters.
Construction is still in the preliminary stages for the new facility,
and the team is keeping the new shop on the top secret list.
However, as their web designer, I know for a fact that the new shop;
* Is more than double the size of the old shop,
* Will have provisions for a full chassis jig area to build future cars,
* Will have a separate filtered clean room for random assemblies,
* Will be fully equipped with air conditioning, heat, etc,
* And will have a designated area for carbon-fiber fabrication.
Stay Tuned as I will try and sneak pictures on the site.

Please click here to see the new car.